For Rabbi Ezzy and Nechama, the journey into building this community reflects their continuous path of growth as a couple and within their individual selves. Upon a life devoted to Jewish studies and practice, as well as emotional and spiritual well-being, together, they have become fully committed to share, through this Chabad, an honest and profound perspective on Jewish and universal values and culture. Their vision is unique, as they believe the greatest form of growth comes with the exchange of knowledge, internal healing, an openness to diversity, and promoting deep connections through authentic support.


Rabbi Ezzy received his rabbinical ordination in Australia and New York, after studying in a wide array of Yeshivot from NY to London, Los Angeles to Australia. Growing up in Southern California, he is very familiar with the Bay Area community. 


Nechama grew up in Palo Alto, and was active in the Palo Alto Chabad Community. Nechama studied in New York and Israel where she received her degree in education from Israel's highest teachers accreditation forum. 


Los Altos Chabad welcomes all Jews, offering a number of different programs including Kabbalah discussion groups and classes, Shabbat and holiday services for adults and children, community dinners, Jewish cooking classes for kids, Hebrew School, one-on-one Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, spiritual counseling and mentorship. In addition to these, the Schustermans have spent the last 15 years as Co-Directors of the Bay Area Friendship Circle, a Jewish organization creating community for children with special needs through pairing them with high school volunteers. For more information check out The Los Altos Chabad was re-established in 2010 as an affiliate of Chabad Lubavitch of the Chabad of Greater South Bay.