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We are excited to have you join us with IDF Major (Res.) and Golan resident Yaakov Selavan for a journey following legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen.

Major (Res.) Yaakov Selavan serves in the IDF as a combat operations officer, connecting the intelligence world to the frontline soldiers. He is a 9-year combat service veteran and active reservist in the famed 188th Armored Brigade.  Selavan is also a strategic affairs expert and leading international spokesperson for the Golan. Furthermore, he is the founder of Slingshot Israel – an IDF-based educational initiative with Ca. 50,000 participants since 2017. And of course, last but not least, (his greatest accomplishment) - Selavan is married and a proud father of 3 little girls :) 

Major Selavan will give us a unique view on Eli Cohen’s story, accomplishments, and effect on today’s border. Selvan lives the story of Eli Cohen as he lives in the Golan as a combat operations officer. As an intelligence expert, he is extremely knowledgeable of intelligence history in Israel and continues to stay informed and connected as a strategic affairs expert. His research and experience makes him well equipped to share the real story and some left out details from the Eli Cohen Netflix hit. 

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